Solar Plant (Off Grid Connected):

Electricity Generated from solar Panel is used to run the Connected load/appliances and also to charge Battery so That when Solar energy is not available then Charged Battery can run the attached load/Appliances.

Solar Plant (On Grid Connected):

You can run your appliances/factory/Plant with your electricity generation from Solar panel or from Grid connected supply. You will only Pay for the difference units (Units withdrawn from Grid – Units supplied to Grid)

Solar LED Street Light:

Solar LED Street light with integrated charge operator and LED driver with micro controller which allows consistent lighting, auto sunset to beginning, dimming and over & under volts rights.

Solar Water Pump:

We provide a variety of solar water pumps that are specially engineered to technical perfection in order to facilitate pumping solutions in a number of applications areas.

Solar Water Heater:

Solar Water Heating systems not only help you to CUT Water Heating prices, it gives you the deluxe to use Hot Water all round the year without a question of you wasting the hard earned money on electricity, coal, wood or gas bills.

Solar Home Lights:

Home Lighting System is a unique illumination solution for houses, especially in non-urban areas where there is not enough lines power. It includes CFL / LED light, DC Fan, battery, control gadgets, Solar Photo Voltaic Component, Increasing framework and associated components.

Solar Fence System:

Solar power fencing system allows the management of animals by providing them a short, distinct but safe effect, which is completely unforgettable that they never ignore it. Solar fence has the potential to power lengthy ranges of multi wire fence.