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Thanks to state and federal incentives, operators of solar power systems are guaranteed remuneration from network operators for any power fed into the grid. And, when viewed in terms of the overall economy, power generated from renewable energies has a cost-cutting effect.

Yes, Solar power is clean and it produces no harmful emissions and is also silent.

Our resources are becoming scarce. Oil, natural gas and uranium will run out. The energy from the sun is practically inexhaustible and is available to anyone, anywhere.

To make sure we look after our natural assets for the next generation; we should only use what can be replaced. Solar power is regenerative.

As the power supply is decentralized, the large power utilities lose their enormous influence, leading to a more democratic playing field.

Line losses are common where electricity comes from a power plant. Solar Power Plants can help to reduce the line losses.

Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline panels are usually used for maximum solar installations. These solar panels differ in some metrics like cost, built-type, performance and appearance.

In on-grid, your solar system is bonded with your local utility grid. If the generated electricity from the panels is more than the electricity which you are using, the excess power is transferred to the grid power company which is taken care by the net metering policy of that respective state.

The off-Grid system works independently without being connected to the grid power system or the local utility company. Being off-grid holds you 100% self-sustaining of your electricity generation and usage. However, there is some adverse circumstance as you need to purchase your back-up energy in a battery which is not environment friendly and also expensive, vanquishing the purpose of going solar.

Yes, an electricity bill shall be received unless you are completely off the grid. The fixed charges component in the bill will remain the same which is almost 10% of your total bill and the rest 90% can be considerably reduced with help of a Solar PV Plant.

Net metering is a system that credit bills to the extra usage of electricity above the usage of your solar energy generated by your Solar PV Plant. Eg. If a home/industry has a Solar PV plant and uses the electricity generated by the plant during the day and if the usage exceeds during the night your home/industry uses electricity from the grid. If your home/industry is net-metered the usage of electricity is accounted and will be charged upon the exceeded usage per month.

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